About Erwin

I have been in construction and real estate combined for nearly 20 years, and as a result I have learnt how to effectively communicate with clients, employees, partners and anybody else that we all come into contact with all the time.

A number of years ago I found myself in deep thought one day and I asked myself a silly question, the question was “what super power would I like to have if I could have one?” well I knew immediately what I wanted it to be, I knew I would want it to be the ability to “read people’s minds” so I could better understand what people want, because this would make it so much easier to deal with people since people often hide behind lies, because we live in a society where we are often not looking for truth anymore, instead people often look for a certain outcome instead. Well, I couldn’t shake this thought and it stayed in my mind for a few days, then one day it dawned on me, I realized that, I could study communication skills, body language and NLP, which would take me a long way towards my silly super power wish. Well, now I can say that after having studied communication for years now, and having applied it in my life from helping my companies reach goals quicker to negotiating with clients to getting jobs, to increasing margins, to convincing my friends on simple ideas. Lots of perks come with being a great communicator.

A few years ago I realized that the most rewarding thing that I ever received from my career up to that point was from when I taught my sales guys and project managers how to sell and communicate more effectively with clients, employees and everyone around them. These skills I helped them develop are skills they will take with them wherever they decide to go and they will be able to utilize these techniques in any field they choose to work in because we are always selling, maybe your selling your next big thing at work or maybe you are selling your spouse on why you desperately need that Belizean vacation. Just remember, we are always selling and sales isn’t a dirty word, it’s what we all do every day and your skill in it will determine your ability on how much you can enhance your live.

This was so rewarding for me that I longed to teach these skills to others, which will help people just like you enrichen and enhance your life too. Since I started to teach people these skills, I have felt that this is where my personal legacy will come from.

I believe we all have a reason why we are on this earth. Some people call it their “why”, I believe, my why is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors enhance their lives by teaching them these powerful communication techniques. There is enough wealth in the world to go around for everyone, we just need to understand how to find it. I discovered many years ago and I believe you will agree with me that the only way to grow your business is if you can convince people to buy from you, work with you and ultimately help you. The only way this can happen is if you first give people what they want and the problem is that we often don’t understand what people actually want, because remember, they are often looking for a specific outcome, not necessarily the truth which ultimately usually only ends up confusing everybody. So in order to help people we need to learn how to effectively communicate with them so we can find out how we can genuinely help them.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." I believe you and I can agree that this is true, this is why I want to help you get what you want. I want a rich and full live for myself and I realize that the only way I can get that is if I first help you get what you want.

“Life is like a lottery, you buy tickets to life’s lottery when you spend time helping others, and it gets repaid to you with the things you want out of life” - Erwin Bueckert